Friday, 27 March 2015

Work-Life Balance & Employees-Employer Relationship

Work-Life Balance & Employees-Employer Relationship 

Keywords: Work Life Balance, Management Cooperation & Behavior, Benefits for employees

Employees are essential and role model for any organization, there are only employees who can achieve the organizational objectives by their will power because when there is will there is everything and this will comes from the immediate supervisors and management cooperation. Employees are assets for any organization and they are our internal customers further the author has divided into different categories that is indeed for the employees and employers.
Considering the main objective to retaining the employees it would be work-life balance which is most important factor for the both Employees-employer. Keeping the scenario of Pakistan where Female is always being discriminated when they getting pregnancy even most of the Interview form it has mentioned that are you married? If yes then how will you manage during the pregnancy? This is real fact and it is mostly occurs in banking industry and these female isn’t allowed to take the rest for the long term and most of the organization avoiding to hire married female while, when we talk about male has also the some others reason and they can’t make the work life balance huge work at office this would create very panic for employees and they dilute and ultimately effect on the health. Recently an article has been published in HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW and they conclude the Manage your work manage your life because overload may caused very critical condition while in Pakistani Companies they are not providing the fringe benefits and social life like Membership in Clubs, Annual Dinner, Picnic and so on…..
This is primary onus of an organization to provide the facilities. Once I was conducting the interviews and an employee has come to me and said that “I am de-motivated from my organization I asked why? Immediately he responded that “My father was hospitalized and I conveyed message to my immediate supervisor that I can’t come tomorrow due to illness of my father, I have to go doctor for checkup during my absence they did call me and shouted out a warning, I was worried and shocked to see them because there isn’t emotionality them even they shouted out, I was not feeling shame for my absenteeism, I was shocked that they even didn’t ask me that how’s your father? For this purpose I became a de-motivated and feeling upset because management hasn’t co-operated me”.
Male executives admitted that they don’t prioritize their families enough. To support and manage your life you need to apply the strategic and follow the main goals because most of the organization isn’t yours as there is proverb that Boss is always right, Mostly companies are not consider your feelings they merely need to maintain their profit but how? Without employees it is impossible. Every author has different perceptions but according to my opinion family always comes 1st, job is also important but family, parents who enable us to become on this stage and make efforts for us should we leave them?  Should we then alone?

  • ·         Always build better relationship
  • ·         Direction & Strategic Policies always be clear
  • ·         Companies must facilities with fringe benefits, Overtime, Rewards, Training and Leave policies
  • ·         Don’t involve into office politics
  • ·         Give the ownership and partnership to employees by contributing the work, If you assign task then also give  them power
  • ·       Don’t give more time to companies in rare cases it would be OK but regularly it is affect you life. Some people working too much and they are giving more time at office while at home their family members are waiting for him, If there is accident happening or any problem occurring with you then organization will not support you, family will support you    

Executives of both sexes consider the tension between work and family to be primarily a women’s problem.