Sunday, 15 March 2015

Some Thoughtful Moments Spent with Teacher. Teacher Teach us; Lead us; throughout their inspiring personality

True teachers are those who use themselves as viaduct over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.
Sometimes Motivation comes from our internal feelings and sometimes it comes from external environment such as leadership, team player and Teachers who always motivate and engage towards themselves, parents & Teachers that not only guide us but also they teach us the discipline of life as well as roles of life throughout their motivation and inspiration while motivation is that factor where we might be able to achieve the goals of our life because when we are dissatisfy then how would we survive our life without motivation and satisfaction?
According to me I believe my motivation level augment through the external environment whereas the best example is my teacher; every person has a favorite teacher and some has a wondrous teacher, I am fortunate person who has best of best teacher in my life and the whole part of my success I am dedicating to her.
I did survey on the Extroverted Vs Introverted every person has a different personality qualities while when we compare them so according to me extroverted might be long term goals & Introverted might be short term goals furthermore sometimes consciousness better for human because during the consciousness people will remind their duties again and again so it will be helpful to realize their duties and responsibilities, Consequently, these terminology I have learnt from teacher as well as my teacher not only motivate to me but also she guide me, today I am representing the different units included STUDENT COUNCIL, RESEARCH DEPARTMENT, Participated in Different Leadership Programs & Promoting myself as a human, I just only want to be a good human like helpful and corroboratory who work for others.
The right path of way leads us towards the success & success is not the final destination it’s the path of way once we select the right pathway, later, we will readily find out the better terminus.
This is very encouragement statement for me once a teacher has shared with me & I never forget her quotation of my teacher that “you have to prove yourself it would be better if you work hard in the area of research. Secondly, if you haven’t friend then I am your best friends” the reason behind it, I always sat down on the back seat in class room then whole student look at me and feel astonishing that why I would preferring the back side well its big tragedy might be I couldn’t describe the reason so that’s why Ma’am always indicated me and once she said these words.  Last but not least the whole credit of my success is gone to her “Miss Saba Gulzar”, She is not only motivator but also my inspiring personality I have achieved many  goals throughout her efforts, whatsoever she is everything for us like a mother, sister, friend and so much…
Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.