Sunday, 15 March 2015

University: A blissful & haunting memories

A University should be a place of light, of liberty, of learning, and of enjoying. Sometime ago I’ve entered in university where it has not only enhances my skills but also career progression throughout this process, the class environment and our surrounded people has encouraged me towards the wondrous achievements and I’m nothing without them, we were part of each other where we have shared  each and everything among class fellows. I’ve been recognized as a active member in all aspects, these motivation has came through the efforts of my best teachers included “Saba Gulzar, Asim Atahar, Asim Nasar & Gobind herani their contribution always be kept in my mind and they have developed me as a good student, good friend, good supporter, as well as good researcher.
My colleagues who constantly has a glorious attractiveness and we worked as a team player even in projects and so on. While I’m very serendipitous to being a part of their group and they all the times I kept them in my mind as best friends & as good supporter. Life is going very rapid even though the university life we might not be realizes but when we leave from University life then realizes our all the memories which we spend with our friends. My friends are good motivators for me. A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.” It is great privileged for me that I’m the student of “Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology,” A member of KASB Group whereas they have developed my skills and I’m growing with the support of my university as well as my university friends, I would like to remark their names without their names I may not be feel a good achiever their name included “Sanam Munir, Musawir Khan, Kanwal, Tahir Abbasi, Zuhair Abbas, and there are many colleagues who has not only supported me but also made me as Leader, their contribution will remain for the long time and even I must say thanks to them the whole credit goes to them.
We had many variances during the class but we were like a family members and sharing is the one of most analytical way that sharing ideas and even family issues to decrease the stress. Consequently time has passed step by step, things have been changed but yet we always remain best friends for longer time.
“All incoming first year students should take advantage. You’ll meet so many people and many others will be friends for life. You just don’t have that kind of connection through living off campus; you have to really immerse yourself in university environment. University was a dream of life as well as blissful moment which we spent with our friends finally I must say whatever you were… were great and still remain great…