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Unemployment: Losing our youth power - By Misbah Hayat Bhatti

“A man willing to work, and not able to look for some kind of employment, is maybe the saddest sight that fortune's disparity shows under this sun.

Unemployment is one of the focal issues that currently every young person in Pakistan is facing. The proportion of unemployment is expanding quickly because of absence of sources. At the point when unemployment happens such a large number of wrongdoings are consequently be made. Unemployment causes various issues for individuals of country. Pakistan has a lot of issues nowadays and unemployment is one of those. Pakistan has endless characteristic assets yet issue is that assets are not fully utilized from the freedom of Pakistan in 1947. You may discover numerous graduated, aces, IT specialists, architects and specialists pondering about for openings for work because of terrible livelihood framework. The population of Pakistan are considered profoundly gifted and dedicated on the planet and there is no estimation of ability in Pakistan thusly, it is the reason a large portion of architects, specialists, Scientifics, professionals and business graduates go in outside nations for gain their job.

Causes of Unemployment in Pakistan:


First, the education system in Pakistan has been really poor .Unfortunately any government didn’t give any attention to make the education system better. Colleges and universities are not providing the quality and some experience, skills based education to their students due to which student do not find jobs easily.                                  
Second, the period of retirement in Pakistan is 60 years and it is truly high time of retirement and the administration of Pakistan is straightforwardly in charge of this element. There are different instructed individuals are in hold up of employments however high time of retirement is making youthful ones frustrated.
Third, In Pakistan, there is so much nepotism and favouritism in organization. There is so merit based selection of employees. In organization there is no standard to recruit the person selection has been done only on reference basis not according to the ability. So, this injustice also a cause of un-employment.
Forth, In Pakistan there is no interaction of industry with the education sector. Because education sector is giving the admission to the lot of students in specific fields that may not be the requirement of industry. There is imbalance between the demand and supply, due to this surplus un-employment is going upward day by day.
“Just as a CEO could care less about pay equity, the university administrator is unconcerned with how many of her program graduates secure employment of any particular quality. (Joseph Ohler.Jr)
Fifth, in some private companies, there are strict recruitment standards. These companies specified some of universities and they only preferred to the students of these universities without knowing how much a person is competent. These companies do not give chance to the students of other universities even in their ads the name of universities are specifically mentioned. Selection is only on brand name not on competence and ability basis.
Six, when fresh graduates go for a interviews then, always ask question about the experience. question is that if no organization gives chance or welcome to the fresh person then how's its possible that a person gets experience. Due to this, a lot of competent young people unable to get jobs.
Seventh, in organization interviews are taken by un-trained people. Basically interviews' are taken by the  people who have not same education background, no sound knowledge of the relevant field, just on experience basis most of person take interviews and ask questions from the person which is  not relevant to the candidate field and expect them to answer according to the interviewer wish. This thing becomes a hurdle for the young people in getting jobs.    
Side effects of unemployment:
·         When young people do not get jobs this will lead to frustration and they involve in different types of crimes like theft, robbery and terrorism.
·         Having no jobs creates the feeling of low self-confidence, un-worthy, depression and hopeless.
·          Loss of trust in administration and the government and ultimately showing no love for country.
·         The unemployed is not ready to put his/her abilities to utilize. What's more, in a circumstance where it continues for a really long time the individual may need to lose some of his/her abilities.
·         Government should pay attention to make the education system better. Along with the government, it’s the responsibility of universities to give quality education to their students.
·         Retirement age should be reduced to 55 years to provide more employment opportunities to young people.
·         Organization and government should take steps to eradicate the nepotism and favouritism. Employment opportunities should be provided on ability and skill basis.
·         There should be proper interaction between the universities and organizations, so that organization can inform the university that how many employees they needed, what types of skills and abilities they possessed. Then according to this information universities give admission to the students so that after completing their education, they get jobs.
·         Recruitment should be based on the

young people skills, abilities and competences, universities names should not be used as a benchmark to give jobs to the people.
·         Organization should welcome to the young graduates by involving them in some useful projects in this way, people can get experience and at the completion of projects, offer jobs to the competent people.
·         Interviews should be arranged by some experienced person, who has the sound knowledge of relevant field. Interviewer should be un-biased throughout the interview.      
Misbah Hayat Bhatti
Muhammad Hasnat Bhatti


Friday, 28 August 2015


A girl is a mother’s pride a father’s deep adoration what is the difference of importance So undue? For a girl, the mutuality of parentage eschew”

Gender discrimination is widely debated issue, especially in Pakistan. This issue affected our economic growth. Even though government has made some laws but making laws is not enough. We should bring them to practice. The NGO’S and other social organizations, they are working on national and international level should make their best efforts in this regard.
Discrimination among women starts from their childhood. They are not allowed to play with boys though they are helpful for their mental and physical growth. Sexual harassment including rape is one of the most common crimes in Pakistan. The human rights commission has stated that after every three hours a rape is occur. The Islamic law Hadood (limits) ordinance has appealed against the provision of Pakistan Islamic code related to rape cases. This law requires the evidence of four male Muslims in order to five punishments to accused person; otherwise raped women cannot testify that the crime is committed against her. In these cases about 50% women in Pakistan jails and are waiting for their fate.
Discrimination in Pakistan is mostly done based on gender. .especially the females are discriminated due to our socio-culture problems. In our country, especially in NWFP, Baluchistan, Sindh and our rural Punjab discrimination rate is very high. In these area women are killed on honour. (which is known as “karo-kari” in Sindh),A woman who is perceived as being “disobedient” to her husband or the husband’s family may also fall victim to an honour killing, or may be badly battered, burned by fire, or disfigured by acid attacks. Women are not permitted to go to market in order to purchase daily use product. They have no right to get education; even they have not given the right to caste vote. This narrow minded approach has affected the mindsets of women so badly in such areas that they just kept intact in house. Early marriages to old and mature men are also one example of gender discrimination in Pakistan. The women are considered to born only for the sake of marriage and later controlling and upbringing the family.
In our country, Pakistan very difficult to survive for a women. Due to discrimination they have not given priority to get jobs. If she gets the job chances of her promotion to a higher position are very low as compared to male. At the work place they do not get the equal rights as a male has. In Pakistan laws are made but not implemented Equal employment opportunity describes that there should be no discrimination based on gender, race etc. but unfortunately, this law is violated in most of the organizations in Pakistan.
In other provinces like sindh, marriage with Quran is common practice although it is illegal, still it’s happen there. Women are forced to live without marrying throughout their life. This is mostly done to grab the property of sisters and daughters or to keep to keep the property from division or going outside the family. Women are not given properly right to get their share from property. As in QURAN it is mentioned.

Quotation from ‘Unveiling Islam’,
In apportioning inheritance, a woman should receive half of what a man receives;” (Surah 4:11)
Similarly women in Pakistan are 28% of the total labour force and they generate 40% of the production, but in Pakistan female workers are given a very less pay as compared to males. Similarly women are not provided proper health facilities in rural areas although 70% of the population of our country belongs to rural areas. In Pakistan, as family system is patriarchal so they have always to compromise in all matters of life with the decisions taken by male members.
Women in USA UK and European countries are provided proper health education and employment opportunities. Research conducted in USA, according to this research, females working in America media receive almost half salary for the same amount of work as compared to men. Through providing equal employment opportunities, they are not only contributing to their society, but also positively affecting their economies.
In Pakistan women participation in politics is not encourages by society.
If we want to see our country developed, we need to resolve all social issues regarding gender discrimination. One thing should remember that ALLAH has created different physical characteristic of both genders, but has given equal mental capacity to both men and women.
First,Economic empowerment is thus the key to eliminating gender discrimination in society. Designing a gender-responsive employment promotion policy is the need of the hour. The wasteful discrimination that blights the developmental potential of our country needs to be removed to spur economic growth and development.There are multiple ways to improve gender balance in the country which will enhance the non-traditional security and for reducing gender discrimination against females and providing them equal chances at the work place and in the society. First, the constitution of the Pakistan guarantees equal rights to all its citizens and so many laws guarantee equal chances of employment to both sexes; but neither government nor private organizations are acting upon those laws. Therefore a committee comprising of Judges, Representative of Ministry of Women Development, Media, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Civil Society and Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), should be constituted to inspect and investigate the matters of gender discrimination in work force.
Second, Government through media must start a mass awareness campaign on gender discrimination in employment. Especially the female employees must be informed about their rights and privileges. Third, NGOs should also come forward and highlight the cases of gender discrimination and help and support the victimized female employees in getting justice. Fourth, government should compel both public and private organizations to prepare annual reports regarding their human resource development. In that report they show how many male and female employees were appointed in the last year, what is the proportion of male and female employees in their total employment and government must appoint the females in each organization with the right proportion of their availability in the labor market and thus correct the past number mistake in employment. Fifth, there is a need to invest more and more on female education because they are more than half of population in the country, and effort should be made by the government for entering more female in management and decision making posts in employment.
The main question arises who is responsible for this gender discrimination, our government orwe.

Misbah Hayat Bhatti (Misbahhayat567@gmail.com)
Muhammad Hasnat Bhatti (Hasnat786@live.com)

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Employee Retention

Employee Retention

One of the most critical issues facing organizations nowadays is how to retain the employees they want to keep. Nowadays retention is become a more challenging work for organizations. Embedding your employees by building and creating the better communication, fulfill the need assessment of employees. It is very hard to track the talent from the population therefore it is indeed to maintain that talent. The most of the organizations conduct the exit interviews whereas, they asked regarding the feedback which is one of the most lucrative for getting the deficiency about the job. Exit interviews are used to collect data on why employees are leaving an organization. In a SHRM survey of HR professionals on the use of routine organizational practices related to talent management, 61% of the respondents reported that they used this type of interview. Exit interviews are popular because they generate immediate data on why an employee is leaving. They can also help an organization salvage a valued employee. Moreover, they can serve public-relations function by ending the employment relationship on a positive note.

Employee retention is one of the most crucial steps that may be uncontrollable for an organization but as long as the author concerned it can be diminish by utilizing the different strategic plans Such as Compensation & Benefits, Performance Appraisal, and Social Activities. Organizations are liable to provide the different membership programs for their employees whereas employee will get together and they can discuss readily throughout the social activities such as “BOL” has introduced all facilities for their employees and it is perfectionism that will retain employees for the long-term.

There are extensive and resourceful strategically plans to interact and give the affections to employee’s ultimately employees will retain for the long term. Organizations should play the win-win situation whereas they work as a team players and leaders. There are few steps that organization must follow:
  1. Right person should be placed to right Job
  2. Provide the recognition and responsibility
  3.  Pay for Performance 
  4.  Provide the Training in case of uncertain situation
  5. open communication between employees and management
  6.  Employee participation & Employee Engagement
  7.  Competitive advantage
  8.  Offers direct & indirect benefits & Packages
  9.   Re-evaluate your benefits package
  10.  Promotion plans for competent employees

It is primary responsibility of HR managers that they should play as a neutral role they should lead from transactional and transformational based by recognizing the valued employees such as Employee Value Proposition (EVP) the total package of extrinsic and intrinsic rewards provided to employees in exchange for joining, performing, and remaining with the organization. Furthermore leveraging on benefits through individual needs and preferences, there shouldn’t be biasness always promote on fairly based like equal employee opportunity. Supervision dominance should be diminishing ultimately employees will de-motivated and its effects on productivity.

Effectively managing retention in your organization isn’t easy. It takes extensive analysis, a thorough understanding of the many strategies and practices available, and the ability to put retention plans into action and learn from their outcomes. But given the increasing difficulty of keeping valued employees on board in the face of major shifts in the talent landscape, it is well worth the effort. Training is also necessary for each employee from supervisors to managers and creates the effective relationship with subordinates; supervisors are accountable and responsible for retention, Create the neat and clean environment which enhances the culture development. 


Friday, 27 March 2015

Work-Life Balance & Employees-Employer Relationship

Work-Life Balance & Employees-Employer Relationship 

Keywords: Work Life Balance, Management Cooperation & Behavior, Benefits for employees

Employees are essential and role model for any organization, there are only employees who can achieve the organizational objectives by their will power because when there is will there is everything and this will comes from the immediate supervisors and management cooperation. Employees are assets for any organization and they are our internal customers further the author has divided into different categories that is indeed for the employees and employers.
Considering the main objective to retaining the employees it would be work-life balance which is most important factor for the both Employees-employer. Keeping the scenario of Pakistan where Female is always being discriminated when they getting pregnancy even most of the Interview form it has mentioned that are you married? If yes then how will you manage during the pregnancy? This is real fact and it is mostly occurs in banking industry and these female isn’t allowed to take the rest for the long term and most of the organization avoiding to hire married female while, when we talk about male has also the some others reason and they can’t make the work life balance huge work at office this would create very panic for employees and they dilute and ultimately effect on the health. Recently an article has been published in HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW and they conclude the Manage your work manage your life because overload may caused very critical condition while in Pakistani Companies they are not providing the fringe benefits and social life like Membership in Clubs, Annual Dinner, Picnic and so on…..
This is primary onus of an organization to provide the facilities. Once I was conducting the interviews and an employee has come to me and said that “I am de-motivated from my organization I asked why? Immediately he responded that “My father was hospitalized and I conveyed message to my immediate supervisor that I can’t come tomorrow due to illness of my father, I have to go doctor for checkup during my absence they did call me and shouted out a warning, I was worried and shocked to see them because there isn’t emotionality them even they shouted out, I was not feeling shame for my absenteeism, I was shocked that they even didn’t ask me that how’s your father? For this purpose I became a de-motivated and feeling upset because management hasn’t co-operated me”.
Male executives admitted that they don’t prioritize their families enough. To support and manage your life you need to apply the strategic and follow the main goals because most of the organization isn’t yours as there is proverb that Boss is always right, Mostly companies are not consider your feelings they merely need to maintain their profit but how? Without employees it is impossible. Every author has different perceptions but according to my opinion family always comes 1st, job is also important but family, parents who enable us to become on this stage and make efforts for us should we leave them?  Should we then alone?

  • ·         Always build better relationship
  • ·         Direction & Strategic Policies always be clear
  • ·         Companies must facilities with fringe benefits, Overtime, Rewards, Training and Leave policies
  • ·         Don’t involve into office politics
  • ·         Give the ownership and partnership to employees by contributing the work, If you assign task then also give  them power
  • ·       Don’t give more time to companies in rare cases it would be OK but regularly it is affect you life. Some people working too much and they are giving more time at office while at home their family members are waiting for him, If there is accident happening or any problem occurring with you then organization will not support you, family will support you    

Executives of both sexes consider the tension between work and family to be primarily a women’s problem.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Politics – is it Strategy or Business

Referring to different authors and every author has their own point of views.
Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business (Winston Churchill). Furthermore Otto von Bismarck stated that “Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best”
As we live in modern world and luckily we are able to access anything like 3G and 4G connectivity whereas we are not only able to watch the talk shows about the politician but also we can conclude the talk shows through the twitter.
The political history commencement since the narrative, ideas, perception and movements approaches. It is true that our past was very much worst but gradually it develop and bolster, our martyrs scarify their lives for making the prospective Pakistan whereas everyone have right to go anywhere, an outstanding Pakistan which grounded on Unity, Faith and Discipline But considering the current situation and circumstances, is this same Pakistan? Does a person have awareness regarding the worth of politics?
Some people believes that Pakistanis politics is broken into different parts and many parties leaders doesn’t considered as a Pakistani citizen due to having the dual nationality, this is true. Political leaders should have focus group and one direction ultimately fills people needs and desire, implement the strategies for the long term not for the short term. Government can’t be run without the bolster and team of people. Pakistan continues to face extraordinary challenges on the security and law enforcement front. The country has suffered greater military, law enforcement, and civilian casualties in fighting extremism and terrorism than almost any other country. In the midst of this difficult security situation, Pakistan's civilian government remains weak, ineffectual, and corrupt this is merely because of they does politics such as a business, saving and investing in the biggest projects. Why our politician has failed to deliver the people? Due to Uncertain situation politician are failed to make the proper strategies whereas only people must be focused group.
Let me explain one thing which is very essential that in others countries politician, leaders and managers they arrived on time in public meeting where the leaders wait for the people but keeping the example of Pakistani trend the leaders always late comers and people would be waiting for their leaders even 5 and 5 hours waiting…… Is this true politician business earner?
ALAS! In these days, the scenario of Pakistani politics it’s like a win-win situation. The partially government running by PML-N, remaining run by PPP and other parties are fielders who attempting to protect the both stakeholders.
This type of circumstance is very panic for the people of Pakistan and few politicians demolishing the education. Through Education we can change ourselves, we can change our home towns, we can change the mind of others, we can change the people, we can change the society and we can change the Pakistani Politicians.

       “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.” 
John F. Kennedy

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Avinash Advani: Impact of Government Job on Employees Benefits & C...

Avinash Advani: Impact of Government Job on Employees Benefits & C...: Employees are assets for any organization, measurement of their motivation might not be possible but some organizations has various tools t...

Humanity as a Religion

Humanity as a Religion


“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
I love mankind; there are many things which are unfavorable although, I still consider that humans are actually good at heart. Humanity expresses the feeling of loving for other so as to classify our kindness and which is enjoined in all the wisdom traditions of the world, is banished to the margins of our consciousness. While we are belonging in that state where we are clashing on the religion base, according to my own personal opinion faith in religion has simply entire part of human.
The Human activities identifies as religious that describe the occupation of a person by caring and serving as human thus we need to care for the human in spite of everything we are human, those who help for others soon they will be proved fruitful while someone has quoted that goods can not contain value because they are simply useful: what is of value is human execution according to the morality of high caliber.
Today’s the circumstances has modify I know this concept may be old for new generation and there is possibility of neglecting as the humanity is the best, this is the main reason that we couldn’t convey our messages to others and conceal the information. That’s the essential reason that our state is undeveloped instead of this most of the universities they have adapted “Humanity & Religion” as individual subject I merely eager wants to question from young generation if you are already involved in this subject, have you applied practically and try to extend your message to all over the world? If their answer is “No” then sorry to say your major subject is worthless. Thus, if you are enrolled in this subject then you must be able to spread your message in appropriate manner that will be applicable for you. Being a philanthropic it is my primary responsibility to identify the major terms of human as a religion whereas our state is burning by the name of humanity. Basically real classification of religion is re-establishing the ligament with God while there are many people who disagree from this point of view.
A religion is a planned compilation of beliefs, cultural systems, as well as world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. Several religions have narratives, symbols, furthermore sacred histories that are intended to explain the meaning of life and/or to explain the origin of life or the Universe. From their beliefs about the cosmos and human nature, people derive morality, ethics, religious laws or a preferred lifestyle. According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world
According to Constitution of Pakistan, They Guaranteed towards the freedom of religion in Pakistan for individuals and sects, Pakistan gained independence in 1947 and it was entirely secular, and has subsequently become an Islamic republic since 1956. It is estimated that 95% of Pakistanis are Muslims (75% Sunni and 20% Shia), while the remaining 5% includes Christians, Sikhs and Hindus. But literally we have forgotten the Humanity and even don’t care for others, people are dying and no one is to be concerned for them, is this same Pakistan? A nation will be able to grow when there will be spreading education and humanity this is foundation of unity, faith and discipline. While I am confusing that today’s Pakistan have the unity, faith & discipline where people have been targeting by their religion and they have been murdered.
Concerning this state of affairs we have to change ourselves towards the helping others by Unity, faith & discipline.
Last but not least I must mention the quote that “When freedom does not have a purpose, when it does not wish to know anything about the rule of law engraved in the hearts of men and women, when it does not listen to the voice of conscience, it turns against humanity and society.

Individuality harassment faces by girls/women in Pakistan

“Bravery, give up, willpower, commitment, hardiness, sympathy, ability, guts. That’s what girls are made of; the heck with sugar and spice.” While in Pakistan it is absolutely descending and they are victimizing the rape.
Recently Muzafargarh issue has shown the fact that our nation is going toward the back whereas our sisters aren’t safe in this country and they are facing detrimental condition in Pakistan. A 40-year-old widow was gang raped by the five men of her village on orders of a panchayat in Mauza Rakh Tibba Sharqi area of Muzaffargarh district. Though I can’t say these people are fearless but I must say that these are despicable man who involve in these type of crime and I am feeling shame that our government has taken the notice but no any extreme action has taken against immoral and criminal people.
According to sources figures from all over Pakistan shows that most of the districts from where the highest prevalence of VAW has been reported are in the Punjab as around 700 cases of rape/gang rape and 12 of sexual assault were reported only in the Punjab.
Rape cases increasing gradually which highly effect on our culture as well as our country, Muzafargarh incident has reprimand toward the failure state furthermore someone has said that “Give me good mother I will give you a good nation”. These types of repulsive incident entirely eradicated to our country thus we can’t refute the contribution of women especially in Pakistan whereas I would mention their name who is not only encourage the Pakistan but also empower to women in Pakistan included
Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah
Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto
Begum Nusrat Bhutto
Fahmida Mirza
Asma Sherazi
Shireen Mazari
Aasma Jahangir
Bilquis Edhi
Zubaida Jalal
This is fact that current government has failed to protect and secure even though sexual harassment is also increases in Pakistan therefore government should implement the law and it is the primary responsibility of judiciary that they should enforce the law. 

THE LARKANA- Timorous Condition and Worship places burnt

There is history of “Larkana”, whereas the world’s best scholar belong from Larkana City, Larkana is a district of Sindh province of Pakistan. According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, it had a population of 1,927,066 of which 28.70% were urban. Its main city is Larkana. It is home district of two former Prime Ministers of Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto and also the district of former Chief Minister of Sindh, Mumtaz Ali Bhutto. Other towns of the district include Miro Khan, Ratodero, Dokri, Bakrani and Naodero. In 2005, the Government of Pakistan under Pervez Musharraf bifurcated the district, forming a new district called Qamber and Shahdadkot, with two towns of Qambar Khan and Shahdadkot. Hindus account for around nine percent of Larkana’s population of around 400,000, with many running their own businesses. The history describe in Larkana city there was a relationship between hindus and muslims like a brothers as well as they celebrate their festivals with each other while it was Saturday 15,03,2014 around 12pm the critical situation was created along with worship places has burnt by fanatic person, Consequently, curfew has been imposed in all over the city, it was the 1st time in the history of Larkana while Hindus were in threats and even they are trammeled at their homes,
Larkana: Enraged protesters set a Hindu Dharamshala (worship place) ablaze over the alleged desecration of holy pages in Larkana on Saturday. According to reports, a group of furious mob surrounded the house of a Hindu person who allegedly burnt the holy pages, and another attacked a Mandir and set Dharmashala ablaze. Rangers and Police rushed to the spot and fired warning shots and tear gas shells to disperse the protesters. Tension gripped across the metropolis following the incident and a curfew has been imposed in different areas to bring the situation under control. Sindh governor Ishratul Eabad Khan has taken notice of the incident and ordered the concerned authorities to immediately arrest those involved in attacking Hindu temple. He appealed the masses to remain peaceful and keep control over their sentiments. The governor also directed the law enforcement agencies to ensure the protection of life and property of citizens. I have seen treacherous situation albeit I can’t visualize that moment was very dangerous and everyone on is gruesome.   
Earlier I was confident that Hindus had a majority and they are capable to defend themselves but this catastrophic situation has constrain me to think in a broader way.
Few days ago unidentified person has attempted to murder of Dr.Partab Rai although fortunately he is alive. It isn’t 2nd case in Larkana there are many cases escalating which lofty affecting not only the hindus of Larkana but also included all over the Pakistan where Hindus are facing horrible condition whereas there is no assurance of any type of protection our workplaces are under the intimidation, our sisters are restricted at home due to forcibly conversion.
Dr Partap Rai was sitting at his private clinic at Baqrani road when a man came to his clinic and told his secretary that he wanted to see the doctor for his child’s check-up. When the man went into the doctor’s office, he shot Dr Rai and fugitive. The injured doctor was directly rushed to the CMCH emergency ward where he underwent surgery. He was later referred to a hospital in Karachi. According to sources, the doctor was attacked as he refused to pay extortion. The Dari police station’s assistant head constable Saeed Ahmed said that nobody had turned up to register an FIR so far.
Furthermore it has been published on the “Hindus Times its Indian newspaper regarding with this refere “Rinkle Kumari – A Forgotten Story” The three young Hindu women who were allegedly kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married off to Muslim men chose to live with their husbands instead of their families after the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday allowed them to choose their future.
Though the three women — Rinkle Kumari, Lata and Asha — were allowed to choose according to their free will by the court, their relatives and civil rights activists alleged that injustice had been done to them as they chose to go with the men they were married to out of coercion.
Their contention is that the three had been threatened by Pakistan People’s Party parliamentarian Mian Mithu with dire consequences if they returned to their parents. The former federal Minister, Amar Lal, said though Rinkle Kumari and Lata were kept away from their families and husbands in a shelter home, Mian Mithu was able to access them over phone and had threatened to kill their families if they returned to their parents. Mr. Lal quoted Rinkle Kumari — whose case made it to the national media after she was allegedly kidnapped and christened Faryal Bibi — as saying she no longer had any hope from any institution as all of them had failed to protect her. “Rinkle said she was majboor [under compulsion] and threatened suicide,” he said, adding that she returned to her spouse to save her relatives.
Many Hindus eagerly wants to migrate from Pakistan but caused by business they couldn’t migrate, some of them haven’t resources/affordable to migrate as well as some of them they love their homeland there are many reasons that restrain to them while I am sure after this incident Hindus of Pakistan will decide to migration. Consequently Hindus are insecure in Pakistan and it’s not only lack of government but also many fanatic people included from upper level to lower level.

The Performance of Employees Diminish By Management Pressurizing


Organization performance depend upon the employees whereas the employees are play the key role of any organization it is fact that many employees are feeling downcast, disheartened & hopeless due to pressure of top level management. The Organization faces the different hurdles & constraints to make the profit while profit might not be possible until and unless they will not focus on the basic requirement of employees.
Furthermore the most of employees rotate the job and leave from their jobs this will be vain for both side employees as well as organization side because there are chances to diminish the long term goals of organization, However, it is the liability of top management to managing the employees, fulfilling the needs of employees & retain them throughout provide them different benefits including time management, thus every organization has official time, It’s a familiar reality that we are most content by what we do when we are triumphant at doing it. The prime obstacles toward achievement in our jobs are procrastination and wasted time. The way to tame both of these time-goblins is to commence each workday with a time management plan.  
Do your job with sincerity and somehow there is contribution of skills apart from “Willingness” It is main requirement of any task instead of this stress has been increasing caused by job description and job specification whereas I am eyewitness of this significant situation. Lets example a person who have a degree of Master in Human Resource furthermore he/she applied for the job in any marketing company and job specification is also the linked with marketing while the company has appointed as a marketing person so what was his/him prerequisite who has done Master in Human Resources being a human resource person Marketing is as intended for contemporary utilize with limited combination since a Human Resource person at the present he/she entered into marketing field this is called the recession because a person is doing the job of marketing not willingly while he/she is doing the job by his/her compulsion, throughout  this process a person identify the errors during the job even blaming himself as well as probable committed to switching the jobs, hence it will affect the personnel & assist to increase the stress at the workplace finally the whole process negatively affect the organizational performance   therefore these are short terms goals.
Although several workplace stresses are ordinary, undue stress can obstruct with your efficiency along with impact your physical and emotional health. And your capability to deal with it can mean the difference between success or failure. You can’t organize everything in your work environment, but that doesn’t mean you’re immobilized even when you’re stuck in a hard situation. Finding ways to manage workplace stress isn’t about creating huge changes or rethinking career ambitions, but rather about focusing on the one thing that’s always within your control: that is you.
A recruitment manager should set the goals along with job description and engage those person who are capable meet the organizational goals, these are the lack of organizations which they delude during hiring process.