Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Unemployment: Losing our youth power - By Misbah Hayat Bhatti

“A man willing to work, and not able to look for some kind of employment, is maybe the saddest sight that fortune's disparity shows under this sun.

Unemployment is one of the focal issues that currently every young person in Pakistan is facing. The proportion of unemployment is expanding quickly because of absence of sources. At the point when unemployment happens such a large number of wrongdoings are consequently be made. Unemployment causes various issues for individuals of country. Pakistan has a lot of issues nowadays and unemployment is one of those. Pakistan has endless characteristic assets yet issue is that assets are not fully utilized from the freedom of Pakistan in 1947. You may discover numerous graduated, aces, IT specialists, architects and specialists pondering about for openings for work because of terrible livelihood framework. The population of Pakistan are considered profoundly gifted and dedicated on the planet and there is no estimation of ability in Pakistan thusly, it is the reason a large portion of architects, specialists, Scientifics, professionals and business graduates go in outside nations for gain their job.

Causes of Unemployment in Pakistan:


First, the education system in Pakistan has been really poor .Unfortunately any government didn’t give any attention to make the education system better. Colleges and universities are not providing the quality and some experience, skills based education to their students due to which student do not find jobs easily.                                  
Second, the period of retirement in Pakistan is 60 years and it is truly high time of retirement and the administration of Pakistan is straightforwardly in charge of this element. There are different instructed individuals are in hold up of employments however high time of retirement is making youthful ones frustrated.
Third, In Pakistan, there is so much nepotism and favouritism in organization. There is so merit based selection of employees. In organization there is no standard to recruit the person selection has been done only on reference basis not according to the ability. So, this injustice also a cause of un-employment.
Forth, In Pakistan there is no interaction of industry with the education sector. Because education sector is giving the admission to the lot of students in specific fields that may not be the requirement of industry. There is imbalance between the demand and supply, due to this surplus un-employment is going upward day by day.
“Just as a CEO could care less about pay equity, the university administrator is unconcerned with how many of her program graduates secure employment of any particular quality. (Joseph Ohler.Jr)
Fifth, in some private companies, there are strict recruitment standards. These companies specified some of universities and they only preferred to the students of these universities without knowing how much a person is competent. These companies do not give chance to the students of other universities even in their ads the name of universities are specifically mentioned. Selection is only on brand name not on competence and ability basis.
Six, when fresh graduates go for a interviews then, always ask question about the experience. question is that if no organization gives chance or welcome to the fresh person then how's its possible that a person gets experience. Due to this, a lot of competent young people unable to get jobs.
Seventh, in organization interviews are taken by un-trained people. Basically interviews' are taken by the  people who have not same education background, no sound knowledge of the relevant field, just on experience basis most of person take interviews and ask questions from the person which is  not relevant to the candidate field and expect them to answer according to the interviewer wish. This thing becomes a hurdle for the young people in getting jobs.    
Side effects of unemployment:
·         When young people do not get jobs this will lead to frustration and they involve in different types of crimes like theft, robbery and terrorism.
·         Having no jobs creates the feeling of low self-confidence, un-worthy, depression and hopeless.
·          Loss of trust in administration and the government and ultimately showing no love for country.
·         The unemployed is not ready to put his/her abilities to utilize. What's more, in a circumstance where it continues for a really long time the individual may need to lose some of his/her abilities.
·         Government should pay attention to make the education system better. Along with the government, it’s the responsibility of universities to give quality education to their students.
·         Retirement age should be reduced to 55 years to provide more employment opportunities to young people.
·         Organization and government should take steps to eradicate the nepotism and favouritism. Employment opportunities should be provided on ability and skill basis.
·         There should be proper interaction between the universities and organizations, so that organization can inform the university that how many employees they needed, what types of skills and abilities they possessed. Then according to this information universities give admission to the students so that after completing their education, they get jobs.
·         Recruitment should be based on the

young people skills, abilities and competences, universities names should not be used as a benchmark to give jobs to the people.
·         Organization should welcome to the young graduates by involving them in some useful projects in this way, people can get experience and at the completion of projects, offer jobs to the competent people.
·         Interviews should be arranged by some experienced person, who has the sound knowledge of relevant field. Interviewer should be un-biased throughout the interview.      
Misbah Hayat Bhatti
Muhammad Hasnat Bhatti